James Chrzan


Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Safe deposit box #1191

The year without a summer

One of seven

I am trying to fill the well

Good job haunting me

I dreamt my house was surrounded by deer

Ridgewood community seed vault

Hex studies

This is a window not a door


Encyclop├ędie (after Diderot)

The bottom of your soul

The lovers reversed

Winter tarot

People have to synchronize to animal time

August 21, 2017

October morning

Northern mockingbird

Suburban street, 1998

Dead leaves from a sick tree

House fire on mason street

Conversation in Somerville, MA



The Ridgewood Community Seed Vault was founded in 2019. It is located at 1702 Woodbine St. Apt. 2, Ridgewood, NY 11385. To submit a seed contact jameschrzan@gmail.com.

Ridgewood community seed vault

The Ridgewood Community Seed Vault is a long-term seed storage facility designed to withstand large-scale climate disaster.